MenNation Review 2020

Everybody wants to live a happy private life. But happiness differs very much. For somebody, it consists of family life with a sweetheart when others enjoy casual hookups. In case, you want to plunge into ardent meetings with handsome guys, MenNation is for you.

In this review, you can find detailed information about one of the most famous gay hookup sites, which provides a wide range of sex partners. How to sign in, what benefits and drawbacks await you on the pages of this website, different filters, subscriptions, and prices — we’ve described everything.

Hookup Rate
Interface Rating
Customer Service
General Rating 4 / 5

About MenNation


The MenNation is a famous and well-developed site for bisexuals and men with gay orientation (especially about 18 years old), which specializes in arranging casual relationships and gay hookups. It was developed in 1996 and works well till present days, gathering guys from all countries, especially from the USA (55% of users).

Being a part of the biggest platform for dating — AdultFriendFinder — MenNation offers a permanent choice of matches that you might like. All men, who have already registered at AdultFriendFinder, are available on the pages of MenNation on the line with 47 million native MenNation profiles. This feature increases the possibility of an ideal match.

Like a majority of dating sites, MenNation has both free and paid subscriptions with a wide choice of options. Keep reading our review. You’ll find much more honest and necessary information about it, then in other MenNation reviews.

Is MenNation Legit?

No doubt, all brands we’ve mentioned in our rankings are legit and reliable. Also, MenNation is a part of AdultFriendFinder. This fact only ensures us in the responsibility of its supply and service. Speaking of problems with safety, there were no cases of them during the lifetime of MenNation. Even if there were some, all the troubles have been fixed.

MenNation Actual Pricing


MenNation offers a standard membership, which is free of charge. Anyhow, most options will be banned, so you won’t get much pleasure from surfing the limited version. If you want to have unlimited access to all of them, you are to pay for a subscription. Like most dating sites, the MenNation gives various monthly rates:

  • - 1 month = $30 per month
  • - 3 months = $20 per month, $60 for a whole subscription
  • - 12 months = $15 per month, $120 for a whole subscription.

How to Sign Up at MenNation?

It is rather simple to sign up at MenNation. All you need is to give your e- mail. Then think of a username, strong password, determine your location, and state your age. These steps are required for creating a free account.
Attention! Be careful, while creating an account. We strongly recommend you to use a special e-mail for each dating site. It will reduce the possibility of data leakage.
Finally, you are about to organize your profile. There you can mention some of your preferences and load a photo.

The Audience of MenNation


Users in most cases are young guys with gay or bisexual orientation, who want to brighten their lives with casual relationships. Approximately 50 million are searching for a partner daily, 55% of them are from the USA. Be sure, most of the profiles are real, the MenNation takes care of safety and works well with anti- fraud.

MenNation Features


This website offers the same options, as its parent site. They are advanced and very convenient, but in most cases are paid, some of them you might find queer. Users are divided into different categories, so you won’t lose time, searching for an appropriate guy.

  • General chatting
  • E-mails
  • Winks
  • Cupid search
  • Video chat and video library
  • Hotlist
  • Get local
  • No ads

In case, you didn’t like the website, you can always delete your account in settings.

MenNation Security & Anti Scam Protection

The website pays much attention to users’ protection and watches after their safety. It provides safe and secure usage. If you were unlucky to face some problems with users or even abuse, just report about it to the MenNation team. Setting can limit your profile and you won’t run into videos and photos you don’t like.

Anyhow, general tips of safe surfing dating sites will help you to escape troubles:

  • Don’t use your real name
  • Be polite
  • Don’t send naked photos
  • Never give your real home address
  • Use VPN

Customer Support


MenNation has a detailed FAQ section for its users. Also, dating tips and some articles on their bases can help users in their search. Connecting with the support team by phone and e-mail is allowed, too. We’ve personally checked the customer support of MenNation and can surely say, it works well.

MenNation Interface and Mobile Compatibility

The design of the MenNation interface is rather simple but easy-to- understand. The website looks marvelous from all types of devices (PC, IOS, Android, etc). There is no mobile app yet. But you can always log in through the browser on your smartphone.

MenNation Final Verdict

The MenNation is a well-known and trusted brand, that has a long history. This website is created especially for gay hookups. The team of advises you to join the site.

FAQ About MenNation

🏳️‍🌈 What is MenNation?

The MenNation is a dating site popular among young representatives of the LGBT Community, which provides opportunities for a gay hooking up. It is created for gays and bisexuals that are searching for a one-night pleasure.

🏳️‍🌈 Is MenNation Safe Enough?

The MenNation has excellent security options and an experienced supply team. Payment options are reliable and thought out. But still, be careful managing your data. Remember the simple rules of safety.

🏳️‍🌈 Does MenNation Work Well?

Sure, the MenNation gives you everything you need for real safe hook up: finds a match, provides convenient opportunities for communication, and, finally, arranges the meeting. You just need to practice your skills in it.

🏳️‍🌈 Is MenNation Worth it?

The MenNation offers its users a wide range of various real profiles, awesome exclusive features, and reliable safety options. The team of gay- highly recommends MenNation. However, it's up to you to decide, whether it is worth it or not.