GaysGoDating Review 2020

If you are searching for gay dating, you certainly heard of the GaysGoDating site. GaysGoDating is a widely spread platform for arranging gay meetings, building long-term relationships, gay hookups, or just for friendship. From the brand name it can be easily understood – this site is only for men, especially gay men. No women!
In this review, you can find everything about this platform: from basic payment features to pitfalls, which are hidden behind. We’ve prepared a short, but full description of GaysGoDating, its options, price, and also app.

Hookup Rate
Interface Rating
Customer Service
General Rating 4 / 5

About GaysGoDating


GaysGoDating is a well-made platform, which is aimed to connect LGBT People. It guarantees freedom of mind and choice. Here guys can find like-minded eople. Established in 2017, this website has strengthened its position at the top of numerous gay hookup sites and became one of the most popular among them. Till now it works well, constantly organizes gay hookups, dates, and other kinds of affairs. Previous reviews will only prove it.

Is GaysGoDating Legit?

There is no point to worry because all brands we’ve mentioned here are safe and reliable. GaysGoDating is not an exception. It provides excellent customer service and kicks out potentially abusive participants of the community. GaysGoDating has no troubles with legality. Even if there were some, they have been already eliminated.

GaysGoDating Actual Pricing


If you are a serious guy with serious intentions, a premium subscription is for you. It places you in front of all other users. Premium provides you with all types of paid options:

  • Unlimited messages,
  • Access to chat,
  • More information about potential partners,
  • Extended search,
  • Full videos and so on.

In case, you want to check all advantages of GaysGoDating, there are three trial days. This option is cheap (0,99$ per day) and gives you access to all subscriptions of paid membership.

Regular membership costs $45 for a month, 47,10$ for three months, and 75$ for a half year.

What to do, if you are not willing to invest money? The answer is here: GaysGoDating provides some free options, but they are very limited.

Available options:

  • Limited amount of messages,
  • Small icons of profiles.

Anyhow, it is nearly impossible to escape payment, if you want to see the result. Yes, every guy can create a free account, but it is limited in its features. The only thing you’ll see is a small photo of the profile: no full matches, minimum amount of messages, limited access to chat rooms, and videos. You see, there’s not so much to do without a paid subscription.

How to Sign Up at GaysGoDating

All you need to register is your e-mail. Also, you are to think of a strong password to the account, then place your age, username, select a location, and zip code for local search.

Attention! Create an e-mail especially for dating sites. It will low down the probability of information leakage. It would be marvelous if you create a new e-mail for each dating website.

After login in work a bit with your profile. Load a photo, think about your hobbies, interests, stories of life. Remember, your profile can say a lot about you, so be careful, mentioning different facts from life. Then pass to various filters. With them, you can easily find a perfect match – an ideal guy, which suits your tastes.

The Audience of GaysGoDating


GaysGoDating reviews have shown, that it is a very popular platform among USA Lgbt users – approximately, it has 250 000 American members, 200 000 of them are active. This website divides its users into various tribes according to their tastes, preferences, and interests:

  • Bear (Plenty of muscles, beards, and mustache)
  • Clean-cut (No excess hair)
  • Geek (Queer stuff is included)
  • Twink (It’s never too late to start being gay)
  • Daddy (Domination is yours)
  • Jock (Cool body)
  • BDSM (Entertainment with BDSM things)

People are different, so different are their tastes.

Also, GaysGoDating works well and cares much about users’ protection. There are a lot of real users, so you won’t lose time searching for an appropriate match. Anti-fraud is operable.

GaysGoDating Features


GaysGoDating offers users a wide range of features, which distinguish it from other dating sites.

Here some of them:

  • A large number of active users
  • Additional options for a compound searching
  • Likes
  • High-tech security features
  • Privacy
  • Efficient technical support
  • No ads
  • Convenient chat
  • Web communication
  • Winks
  • Access to mobile version

In case, you are not charmed by the GaysGoDating, you can always delete your account. Just pass to the settings. There you’ll find the option you need.

GaysGoDating and its Anti-Scam Protection

This website protects its users from information leakage. For this reason, they use anti-scam devices. It kicks out potentially abusive members.

Also, the team of GaysGoDating shares several tips, which are very useful for searching for a partner.

Customer Support

GaysGoDating has a detailed FAQ section for its users. Also, you can get some help from a mobile phone and email. We’ve tested the customer support of the GaysGoDating site and it works well.

GaysGoDating Interface and Mobile Compatibility

The web is performed in a good way and looks worthwhile from Android and Apple. This app is of high quality, very convenient, and thought out.

GaysGoDating Final Verdict

GaysGoDating is a young, well known and trusted resource, despite its short history. Highly recommended for hookups and other affairs, it became popular among users of all ages. The team of recommends you to try it.


🌈 What is GaysGoDating?

GaysGoDating is a convenient website for arranging gay meetings.

🌈 Is GaysGoDating Safe Enough?

This website is well protected and has excellent security and payment options. But be careful managing your data.

🌈 Does GaysGoDating Work?

Sure, GaysGoDating gives you everything you need for a real safe hookup, so you just need to practice your skills of it.

🌈 Is GaysGoDating Worth It?

GaysGoDating offers its users excellent safety options, a wide variety of real profiles, and some awesome features. The team of highly recommends GaysGoDating. However, it's up to you to decide whether it is worth it or not.