Best Gay Hookup Sites Guide 2020

Nowadays there is a great number of people, who identify themselves as people with non-traditional orientation – LGBT. Like everyone else, they are looking for happiness or pleasure for one night. Most of them don’t want to make it public. That’s why their choice falls on dating and gay hookup websites.

However, more and more scams appear among Gay Hookup Sites. It can be enormously dangerous for private life. Financial troubles aren't the worst.

But fortunately, there is a We are a Gay & LGBT specialized trusted resource, which is aimed at giving the most trusted, legit and safe hookup websites for LGBT Community, gays especially.

List of The Best Gay Hookup Sites 2020

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How Do We Test and Review Gay Hookup Sites

find gay love on gay hookup websites

Alas, a great amount of foes is using gay hookup sites for ruining people’s lives or just for fulfilling the wallet.

It is of incredible importance for us to prevent their spreading throughout the Internet. For that case, we’ve developed our crafted system of reviewing gay hookup sites, both free and paid. We find it necessary to review each gay hookup site with the same procedure, despite creators insist on the purity of their sites. Such a system helps us to determine the best gay hookup sites and the worst of them.

Unlike many other dating review websites, we subscribe to hookup sites, create trial accounts, deposit money (if it is needed), chat with girls and guys, check Terms and Conditions, and do many other things just to verify the reliability of the source. Only after these steps, we can make a good evaluation of a hookup website.

Safety and Security Options Control

Speaking of safety and security, we should pay much more attention to evident points, such as the General Background of hookup sites. Often the external design can say a lot. If there’s plenty of suspicious ads, which from time to time pops up on the screen, it would be better to leave the site.

We examine different sites, especially based on gay hookup, and observe their activity. Scam, fraud and all sorts of trickery are not missed out by us. Even computer virus control is included in the verification system.

Indeed, it is an essential problem of the present society to protect personal data from theft. Scam sites are a dangerous threat to people’s privacy because if you sign up at the scam gay hookup website, it can cause your data leakage. Most fraudsters are interested in money, consequently, plenty of swindles end in “clearing up” your pocket. Some scammers even manage to disguise transactions at websites. One should be careful in choosing an appropriate resource.

Audience Review

A usual user, who is looking for a real chat with a real person, doesn’t want to stumble on bots, hence we decided to verify the true amount of real accounts. So, we examine profiles, check photos, chat with different genders and ascertain, if there are any bots or not. It is very important, especially for anonymous gay hookups.

Real Users Reviews

How do we understand the reliability of gay hookup sites? Taking into account all information we managed to find, we gather and analyze users’ reviews from all over the Internet and clarify how things are going on.

The gay hookup site must have positive reviews, written by general gay users, and good customer service to help users with any troubles and questions they have.

Fair Pricing Policies

The biggest danger most often lies in cash deposits. We check how fair is a website with its pricing policies. Frequently, there are hidden fees, that will raise the required price. This scheme works like taxes: initial price increases with additional ones. From time to time reappear scammers, who withdraw all money from users’ cards just after receiving access to it.

Searching for a safe gay hookup site, not less important to look through the variety of main payment methods. If there is a good range of payment forms on the site and you use half of them (for example, PayPal, Credit Cards, Skrill, Neteller), the site instantly becomes much more respectable.

Interface and Mobile Usability of the Website

Mobile Devices are getting more and more popular among users. More and more users prefer to chat from their phones or tablets. That’s why we decided to check the convenience of sites on phones.

Certainly, before checking websites on phones, we check them on PC. Only after this step, we pass to a gay hookup website on all types of mobile devices - smartphones and tablets, including IOS, Android and Blackberry devices. Experience has shown, that the simpler the mobile version is, the easier it is to navigate in it.

Free Gay Hookup Sites vs Paid Gay Hookup Websites

gays kissing

It is very difficult for a newbie in the sphere of gay hookup and gay dating to determine what should be paid and what shouldn’t. Plenty of new options (some of them are queer ones) are provided on various gay sex hookup sites. Beginners in most cases have no idea what subscriptions suit them, which app is better and so on. Every option has its pros and cons. Their description is given below.

Are our Free Gay Hookup Sites Safe and Work Good?

Users, looking for gay hookups, in their variety are young people, guys without big financial opportunities. Mostly, they can’t afford premium membership, which often includes different local subscriptions. So, free gay hookup sites are a good alternative for them. Moreover, on such gay sex sites, they can find sex partners.

If you decide to save your money and rush to free gay hookup, you should be ready to face numerous ads, limited functionality, lack of options and limit on the number of messages you are allowed to send for a day.

Furthermore, the risks of facing scams or fraud are much higher at free websites rather than at paid ones.As the saying goes, free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Be careful, surfing such free sources.

Of course, there are some good legit free gay hookup sites, which give you a lot of functionality for free. However, the lack of options will be appreciable. So, it’s up to you to choose, whether you are ready to enjoy the demo version or not.

By the way, you can find all legit gay hookup websites at our rankings.

Paid Gay Hookup Sites

Paid hookup sites are the best solution if you want stability, unlimited functionality and high safety standards. Expensive services and various options provided on paid sites will cover all your longings and desires. If there are some problems with the choice of the option or a subscription (technical problems also can take a place) you can always contact support. What is more important, such organizations are being responsible for the security and protection of users’ interests. Prices can be high enough, but you should remember that in this case, you are paying for your safety, comfort and possibility to find a real safe gay hookup. In other words, creators will do their best to please you to see you again on pages of their site.

Benefits of Best Gay Hookup Sites

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In our ranking, there are top gay hookup sites, which are reliable and popular among representatives of the sexual minority. Most of them are paid, of course, but some are free of charge and available to the public.

Grant users, who have already paid some money, own a great number of advantages:

  • Unlimited functionality (This collocation speaks for itself – you’ll receive access to all options and subscriptions you like. No restrictions. In this way it will be easier to find somebody for gay hookup.)
  • Big amount of real people, not bots (Indeed, it’s unpleasant to run into a bot, searching for a partner. This option provides protection from the unwanted conversation and wasting time.)
  • Excellent safety protection (You may be sure – all your data is under strong protection. No one will use it without your permission, especially for personal gain.)
  • Good customer service (Support team is always ready to answer all your questions and show where you can find something you are looking for. Polite and courteous, they will help you immediately.)
  • Numerous discounts (If you are paying more, than you get more discounts. The longer you use services, the larger the discounts are.)
  • No ads (Searching your partner will be much more pleasant without annoying advertisement.)
  • “Autopilot” (Several payments are performed automatically. Selecting a partner for a gay hookup is easier because it is based on your desires and preferences.)

How to Pick the Best Gay Hookup Site?

To pick up the best gay hookup site among millions of them is not an easy task as it seems to be from the first sight. Luckily, we have already done this boring job for you. You are to look through the list, we’ve prepared, and choose the best from the most popular gay hookup sites, which are given here.

However, here are given some simple steps that will help you to pick up the best gay hookup site according to your tastes and preferences, exclusively for you.

  1. Visit exclusive rating. (There you can find all well-made gay hookup sites, reliable and popular, that with a great degree of certainty will match you. Scroll the list of them and decide, which of the mentioned websites suit you best of all. We have prepared the ranking special for you, so choose qualities you like and join the site.)
  2. Check the Websites Titles and their rankings (Look through the titles of websites and choose the one you like most. Then pay attention to its article. Some titles and articles even “scream”, that the content of the site is out of format or something like that. Study other rankings if you need them. According to the description of the site, decide, if it suits you or not.)
  3. Read our Professional Reviews (Professional reviews is one of the most reliable things you can only check searching for an appropriate gay hookup website. Users all over the world leave their comments, which are based mainly on their experience. Our reviews gather information from users’ comments, which have been repeatedly verified by our experts. Also, we participate in all gay hookup sites we check. That’s why we are responsible for our rankings and reviews and can surely say, that they can be trusted.)
  4. Make your own decision – what site is the best from your point of view (After all, make your own decision. What site did you like most of all? What did you find attractive in it? Why you’ve chosen it among others? What benefits do you see there? Will you visit it later? Anyway, it’s up to you to decide, whether you like it or not. Our job is to help you to understand the difference between gay hookup sites.)

5.Sign up at this site and start your hookup adventures (Well, preparations are over. It’s time to deepen in the ocean of gay hookup. Enjoy your free time and good luck in the search of a sweetheart!)

Classification of Gay Hookup Websites

No doubt, nowadays there are millions of different websites, which are dedicated to various topics, and gay hookup is not an exception. You can easily get lost in them.

So, to help you, we’ve prepared an interesting classification.

All in all, we can classify gay hookup websites in this way:

  • Senior gay hookup sites (Here you can find somebody, who is over 50 years old.)
  • Discreet gay hookup sites (Discreet gay dating sites help to find like-minded people. Such sites help to find an ideal sex partner. As close, as it is possible. With the highest probability of real meeting.)
  • Gay bear hookup sites (The “Bears” are guys with thick hair, that covers their bodies. To tell you truth, only for amateurs. But if you are a fan of curiosities, this community, that has rapidly moved to gay culture, is really for you.)
  • Young gay hookup sites (Here you can find somebody about 20 years or so. Gay hookup among young guys.)
  • Casual gay hookup sites (These dating sites are aimed to help people of all orientations to find their partner. In other words, they provide their services to all representatives of LGBT and also people with traditional orientation.)
  • Gay hookup apps (Gay hookup apps are software programs, which are designed to perform a specific function directly to the user. So, it is a comfortable convenient, version of gay hookup sites, but only performed as a mobile application.)

Learn How to Hookup Safely with Our Pro Tips for Gays

gays on gay hookup sites

If you want to have only positive experience after searching for a partner for gay hookups, it is very important to follow several main safety rules.

Here are some general tips, that can be used by gay hookup site users for safety:

  • Don’t use your real name (It is of great importance to keep your data in secret. If you reveal your identity, you can get a lot of problems with your real life.)
  • Upload high-quality photos of you (It can help to avoid plenty of future conflicts with those, with whom you will go to a meeting.)
  • Be polite (Politeness is the best way to avoid conflicts with other users. By the way, it will help you to spend time with pleasure.)
  • Don’t send naked photos (Naked photos can be a real danger for users. People, who sent them somebody else, become vulnerable, without simple protection.)
  • Never give your real home address (What is worse than naked photos, is the revealing of residence. In case of a conflict with other users, foes can find you in reality.)
  • Try to answer as fast as you can (The faster you answer, the more chances to arrange a meeting.)
  • Use VPN (This trick will help you to hide your IP address from novice hackers.)
  • Leave some information for your friends and relatives (When making an appointment, try to leave some information about your location, because the meeting, in reality, is much more dangerous, than online chatting.)
  • Stay at hotels, motels (Temporary meetings are better to hold in a temporary place, where nobody will distract.)

Advanced Tips to Succeed with Gay Hookup Sites

gay hookup

Certainly, it is very important to choose a gay hookup site of good quality. But still, it doesn’t guarantee, that you will find somebody you like or even succeed in having a gay hookup. The best part of the job depends on you. Nevertheless, it will rather easy for you: you should just follow our simple but efficient tips.

Here are some of them:

Fill your profile to the maximum

Hopefully, everybody understands, while filling the questionnaire, it is important to point out all relevant information about you. It’s not as difficult, as it seems from the first sight. All you need is truly to describe yourself: What are your main interests? What do you like? Hobbies? Preferences in food? Your favourite country? Do you have any funny cool stories? You can write all stuff that only comes to mind, but remember, that your profile describes you. Your future communication depends on it very much.

Pick Up Your Best Photo for Profile

Choosing a photo for a profile is the second step, but not less important. Agree, photos on profiles can say a lot about their hosts. The better you look, the cooler “candidates” will pay you attention. But no necked photos! Such openness can backfire.

Creativity Is a Keystone to Success

Creative people always attract attention. How often we prefer someone else only because he has a good sense of humour and a real storehouse of catching stories! To attract another guy such qualities are badly needed. Mostly, people make their opinion about their interlocutors during the first 5 minutes of conversation. That’s why it is so necessary to be creative starting a new conversation with another guy.

Several tips of “creativity”:

  • The extraordinary meeting instead of ordinary “hello” works well.
  • Don’t copy/paste your open message to different people. Each person needs his approach.
  • Pay some attention to the person’s details. Everybody likes it, when he becomes a theme for conversation (of course, in varying degrees).
  • Tell a little about yourself. In this way, your interlocutor will fill himself more comfortable. Also, it is good soil for new topics.
  • Funny stories can help to defuse the situation.

Anyhow, it is very difficult to forecast the behaviour of another person, but these tips can help you somehow. Everything depends on you! Just don’t be boring! 😊

Feedback From Our Users

Ben W.
Ben W.

Does your orientation differ from the usual one? Have you any problems with getting acquainted with other guys? If yes, you’ll find everything you need right here: from the cool rating of gay hookup sites till general tips that will help you to establish relationships (long-term or one-night – it’s up to you). As for me, I was very lucky to come across Thanks to it, my perpetual search for an appropriate gay hookup site was finished. I’ve checked everything that was offered and decided on the best.

Luca J.
Luca J.

Convenient visual rating, qualitative reviews, clear description of features, and, what is not less important, pleasant interface make the what it is – an experienced mentor in the sphere of gay hooking up. I can say, this site is worth paying attention to. Indeed, ranking is done skillfully. Gay Sex sites mentioned there are tremendous. Hot guys looking for ardent meetings, obscene chatting that only feeds the imagination… Give it a try!

Dominic C.
Dominic C.

Looking for something extraordinary? Something that will awaken the beast in you? The sites offered here will easily cope with this task. You can't even pretend what awaits you over there… Pure desire, dirty thoughts, and vulgar content. If you’re ready for it, come and enjoy your feelings. has done an excellent job by selecting the most interesting gay hookup sites from a bunch of boring ones. My applause!


🌈 How Can Help You with Gay Hookup Sites? is a Gay & LGBT specialized resource, reliable and trusted, which is aimed to show the most legit and safe hookup websites for LGBT Community. Basing on our personal experience, we explain to you which sources are reliable and which are not, what benefits and what drawbacks are hidden behind the bright design

🏳️‍🌈 Are Those Gay Hookup Sites from Your List Safe?

Sure! No doubt! We guarantee 100% safety. All of them had been checked several times and reviewed by evaluating numerous parameters. Nevertheless, nobody is insured from risk, so manage your date wisely. Be careful about sharing private information with somebody else. Here you are responsible for yourself.

👬 How to Stay Anonymous While Gay Hooking Up?

Going in for anonymous gay hooking up one should remember the main principles of safety:

  • Don’t give your real name.
  • Think of a fictional story of life.
  • Don't share any information, which is closely connected with your real life.
  • Use a VPN to change your IP address.
  • Arrange meetings at hotels or motels.
  • Don’t give your telephone number.
  • Don’t give your address.

Remember, the less your partner knows, the safer it is.

🌈 What is the Main Difference Between Gay Dating Sites and Gay Hookup Sites?

Traditional dating sites are aimed to gather people, who want long-term relationships. Hookup sites are for one-night-sex relationships, without any commitments.

🌈 How Well Do Gay Hookup Sites Work?

Here are the main steps of preparation for gay hookup:

  • Put on clean clothes. If they are new, it is marvellous.
  • Use perfume, if you like. But don’t overdo with it.
  • Stay positive and keep calm.